Plant List
Cliftons Plant List

2015 Pantera PUR line with Merit S trimmer and Uno stacker in line (4000 cycles per hour)

BQ470 standalone 4 clamp PUR binder (1200 cycles per hour)

Aster 150 Section sewing Machine

CMC Q Cover 4 Case maker

Schmedt Praleg casing in wing x 2

Schmedt Praform press and forming machine

Tecnograf Pronto1 combined end papering machine

Kisun Digi binder layflat machines x 2

Kisun cover line

Kisun press x 3

Yawa TDS 750 auto foiling & die cutting machine B2

Opus Masterpress foiler x 2

Perfecta 115 Guillotines x 2

Horizon AFC 564AKT cross folder

Heidelberg Stahl folder RD2 78T

Pitstop AFC speed

Crossland SRA1 die cutting machine

Maru Yama Stab stitching machine

Singer sewing machine

2 x Pedalstal round cornering machine

2 x hand gluing machines and various ancillary case binding machines

Drilling and eyeletting equipment.